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Just as they did with coffee, Keurig sought to revolutionize the soft drink industry with Keurig Kold. Keurig Kold is the world’s first single serving soda maker that not only makes branded Coca-Cola products, but also brews them cold to taste. With shipments beginning Fall 2015, Keurig needed a Summer launch campaign that would create excitement around their new product.


the idea

Whether it’s Dollar Shave Club who changed the way we buy razors, or Beyonce who dropped an entire visual album unannounced, it’s people and brands like this that make us stop everything we are doing and pay attention. They fight against the mundanity of our day-to-day lives. Keurig did this with coffee, and now that they are breaking into the soft drink market, what better way to announce their new product than the ultimate rendition of excitement, thrills, and originality, a Cirkus. 



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"Have you heard? A Cirkus is coming"




Press to entertain




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